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New battery energy storage shows benefits of peak shaving and cost savings

New battery energy storage shows benefits of peak shaving and cost savings

February 17, 2023

Recently, the New York Power Authority (New York Power Authority) and the New York State Energy Research and Development Agency (New York State Energy Research and Development Authority) announced that as part of a demonstration project, the patented, high-security lithium-ion supercell technology, the first battery storage system is providing energy peak shaving capability for NYPA's White Plains, New York office.


Partially funded through $1 million through NYSERDA's Innovation Program, the project was developed by Cadenza Innovation in partnership with Hitachi Energy to demonstrate the critical role of energy storage in enhancing demand management and grid flexibility to reduce peaking in typical commercial buildings load. Aims to make battery storage a model for integrating low-cost, safe, high-performance renewable energy into the grid — especially in urban areas — that can be replicated by other businesses in New York State and beyond.


NYPA states that this can achieve cost reductions for building/site owners, primarily through arbitrage, storing lower-cost energy during periods of lower electricity demand and providing energy during periods of higher electricity demand, and through peak shaving, reducing the maximum electrical demand of the building/site, thereby reducing associated utility peak demand charges.


Lithium-ion supercell technology reduces cost and improves safety by encapsulating components. Supercell is designed to reduce the need for additional, high-cost fire safety protection and mitigation systems, thereby increasing energy density and supporting the development of the lithium-ion battery industry.


NYPA and Cadenza Innovation will continue to monitor and evaluate the system's performance over the next 12 months.


"The initial testing phase shows the potential of this type of battery storage system as a model for managing energy demand and reducing costs for commercial and industrial building owners," said Justin Driscoll, acting president and CEO of NYPA. Reduced peak loads at the Power Authority's main offices, smoothed grid operation, and demonstrated safety advantages in reducing the potential for thermal runaway." "Our goal was to demonstrate that the installation could provide energy storage and power quality services at a scale capable of meeting the commercial, industrial and networking needs of a building like ours."


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