PowerON R-W6

For more than 6000 cycles we offer battery storage solutions

The Internal Structure
TMRenergy Powerbox Pro Systems Can Be Remotely Monitored And Upgraded
  • ① Foldable handle

  • ② Frosted Shell

  • ③ BMS System

  • ④ Front Panel

  • ⑤ Lithium Battery Module

  • ⑥ Battery indicators (RUN, Alarm, Error, SOC)

PowerON R-SL

Protect against power outages.

Modular Decomposition Structure
TMRenergy provides a way to store solar energy generated during the day for using at night or at the periods of low sunlight.
  • ①  Led Display Screen

  • ② Inverter Battery Start Switch

  • ③ Inverter Photovoltaic Isolation Switch

  • ④ Battery Module IP65 Protection Level

  • ⑤ Battery High Voltage Isolation Switch

  • ⑥ Battery Module Base

PowerOn D1

100kw / 215 kWh | Expandable to MWhs | Outdoor Heavy-duty Industrial Application

Battery Pack
The battery pack uses LFP batteries from top supplier CATL, and it paired with self-developed BMS.
  • ① Insulation Protection

  • ② Battery

  • ③ Insulation Protection

  • ④ BMS

  • ① Battery Safety

  • ② Battery Safety

  • ③ Thermal Management

Product Categories

Can help increase the efficiency of a home's energy use.

  • Home Battery Storage System
    Home Battery Storage System

    TMRenergy designs and manufactures best home energy battery system including lifepo4 solar batteries, all in one solar storage energy system and high voltage lithium battery for our clients from all over the world.  

  • Commercial & Industrial/Utility Energy Storage System
    Commercial & Industrial/Utility Energy Storage System

    Commercial&industrial Utility energy storage systems are stationary battery systems that store energy from electric grid for later use. Our BESS systems are typically used for peak shaving, load shifting or etc.

Distributed energy storage system service provider. Design and manufacture high quality items. Wholesale from us at factory price!
  • Energy Storage Power Station

    With the increase in the proportion of new energy power generation, the problem of abandoning wind and light has become increasingly prominent, which can be effectively alleviated through the configuration of energy storage, and the quality and economic benefits of new energy grid connection can be significantly improved.

  • Industrial and Commercial Solutions

    TMRenergy industrial and commercial energy storage solution adopts prime series standard cabinet modular system configuration, flexible matching, covering all the needs of industrial and commercial fields, and supports multiple operation modes at the same time, from stand-alone to parallel, low voltage to high voltage, grid-connected or off-grid, or with For other energy interactions, prime series products can ensure excellent performance and reliability.     Manufacturing   The power load of the factory changes according to the order quantity and production capacity, the power load is complex, and the load curve is difficult to predict. The Prime distributed energy storage system can adjust charging and discharging strategies in real time through artificial intelligence control algorithms such as load forecasting. While minimizing capacity costs, electricity costs can be reduced through peak-to-valley differences.   Commercial building   The peak and low peaks of electricity load in commercial buildings are obvious. Energy storage can save electricity costs by reducing capacity electricity charges and peak-to-valley differences. However, commercial buildings are limited in space and cannot deploy large-scale energy storage systems. The Prime distributed energy storage system has high energy density and flexible deployment. And other features to meet the needs of modern buildings for low energy consumption.   Industrial Park   The area of the park is large, there are many equipment such as cabinets and computer rooms, and the power consumption is large and the energy consumption is high. In addition to the conventional peak-shaving and valley-filling to help users reduce electricity costs, the energy storage system can also be used as a backup power supply to protect short-term power for important loads. Supplying and improving the consumption capacity of new energy such as photovoltaics at the same time, promoting the coordinated development of "source, network, load and storage", reducing carbon emissions in the park, is conducive to building a green and energy-saving image of the park, and accelerating the construction of a green zero-carbon park.

  • Commercial Energy Storage Solutions

    The solar-storage-charge integrated comprehensive energy service project is constructed through the organic combination of photovoltaic, energy storage and intelligent charging devices.   Use photovoltaic power generation to solve the problem of insufficient power distribution capacity of charging stations, while reducing the use of traditional energy and helping to reduce pollutant gas emissions.   The energy storage system further increases the consumption of new energy, optimizes the energy structure, and helps reduce electricity costs.   The organic combination of the three can also promote the development of smart grid and energy Internet.

  • Off Grid Electricity Solutions

    Solar Panels:   1. Solar panels are one of the most popular off-grid electricity solutions. Solar panels use the power of the sun to generate electricity, which can be used to power lights, appliances, and other devices.     2. Wind Turbines: Wind turbines are another common off-grid electricity solution. Wind turbines use the power of the wind to generate electricity, which can be used to power lights, appliances, and other devices.   3. Micro-Hydro Systems: Micro-hydro systems use the power of water to generate electricity. A small water wheel or turbine is placed in a stream or river, and the moving water turns the wheel, which generates electricity.   4. Biogas Generators: Biogas generators use the power of organic materials such as manure, food waste, and other organic materials to generate electricity. This electricity can be used to power lights, appliances, and other devices.   5. Diesel Generators: Diesel generators are a common off-grid electricity solution. Diesel generators use diesel fuel to generate electricity, which can be used to power lights, appliances, and other devices.

Latest News
Release the latest news about battery energy storage system from home and abroad. Report news from TMRenergy at times.
  • TMR ENERGY in Middle East Energy Dubai
    TMR ENERGY in Middle East Energy Dubai

    TMR Energy has been deeply plowing into the field of energy storage, and has mastered the core technology and independent research and development capability in BMS, EMS, thermal management, battery safety, system control, etc., which can provide users with one-stop energy storage system solutions, and it is a leading energy storage service provider in China. In recent years, TMR Energy has accelerated the layout and expansion of its overseas business in energy storage to keep up with the international market. In this grand event, TMR Energy carries the latest technology research and development achievements in the industry to appear in the booth (S1.B50), to show the world the innovative production strength of China's energy storage enterprises. In this exhibition, with competitive energy storage products and solutions,TMR Energy has discussed with professional customers from all over the world, and gained a lot of cooperation and order intentions. At the same time, through the in-depth communication with industry experts and manufacturers, a solid foundation has been laid for the next stage of product technology innovation and application. In the future, TMR Energy will continue to rely on its own technology accumulation and business diversification trends, industry scenario demand-oriented, continuous innovation, to bring more cutting-edge innovative products and perfect solutions for industry enterprises, to meet the differentiated needs of different industry enterprises, and jointly promote the industry and even the global low-carbon green development, and jointly achieve a more beautiful future.

  • BESS technology
    BESS technology

     A new breakthrough in battery energy storage systems (BESS) has been announced by scientists. This advancement is expected to revolutionize the energy which is stored and used in the future. The new BESS technology uses a combination of advanced materials, nanotechnology and computer-controlled cells to store energy in an efficient and cost-effective way.   The BESS technology works by storing energy in the form of lithium batteries. These batteries are then connected to a grid system that is monitored by computers. This allows energy to be stored in the batteries and then released when needed. The energy is used to power homes and businesses, and can also be used for transportation, such as electric cars.   The new BESS technology has numerous advantages over traditional energy storage systems. It is more efficient, cheaper and easier to maintain than other types of energy storage systems. Furthermore, the system can store energy for much longer periods of time than traditional batteries, making it ideal for long-term energy usage.   The new BESS technology is expected to revolutionize energy storage and usage in the future. It is expected to reduce the cost of energy storage and usage, as well as reduce emissions caused by traditional energy sources.  

  • New battery energy storage shows benefits of peak shaving and cost savings
    New battery energy storage shows benefits of peak shaving and cost savings

    Recently, the New York Power Authority (New York Power Authority) and the New York State Energy Research and Development Agency (New York State Energy Research and Development Authority) announced that as part of a demonstration project, the patented, high-security lithium-ion supercell technology, the first battery storage system is providing energy peak shaving capability for NYPA's White Plains, New York office.   Partially funded through $1 million through NYSERDA's Innovation Program, the project was developed by Cadenza Innovation in partnership with Hitachi Energy to demonstrate the critical role of energy storage in enhancing demand management and grid flexibility to reduce peaking in typical commercial buildings load. Aims to make battery storage a model for integrating low-cost, safe, high-performance renewable energy into the grid — especially in urban areas — that can be replicated by other businesses in New York State and beyond.   NYPA states that this can achieve cost reductions for building/site owners, primarily through arbitrage, storing lower-cost energy during periods of lower electricity demand and providing energy during periods of higher electricity demand, and through peak shaving, reducing the maximum electrical demand of the building/site, thereby reducing associated utility peak demand charges.   Lithium-ion supercell technology reduces cost and improves safety by encapsulating components. Supercell is designed to reduce the need for additional, high-cost fire safety protection and mitigation systems, thereby increasing energy density and supporting the development of the lithium-ion battery industry.   NYPA and Cadenza Innovation will continue to monitor and evaluate the system's performance over the next 12 months.   "The initial testing phase shows the potential of this type of battery storage system as a model for managing energy demand and reducing costs for commercial and industrial building owners," said Justin Driscoll, acting president and CEO of NYPA. Reduced peak loads at the Power Authority's main offices, smoothed grid operation, and demonstrated safety advantages in reducing the potential for thermal runaway." "Our goal was to demonstrate that the installation could provide energy storage and power quality services at a scale capable of meeting the commercial, industrial and networking needs of a building like ours."  

  • Learn more about new energy power generation
    Learn more about new energy power generation

    A new era of energy production has arrived. Scientists and engineers from around the world have been hard at work creating new ways to generate power, and the results have been remarkable. The latest achievement is a revolutionary new energy power generation technology that promises to revolutionize the way we generate energy.    The new technology, known as “power generation”, uses the energy of the sun, wind, and other natural sources to produce electricity. This electricity is then used to power homes, businesses, and even entire cities. The technology has been developed over the past decade and is now ready to revolutionize the way we generate and use energy.    The new power generation technology is incredibly efficient. It can generate up to five times more energy than traditional power plants, and it requires much less space. This means that more energy can be generated on a smaller scale, making it more affordable and accessible to everyone.    Power generation technology is also becoming increasingly popular with businesses, as it can be used to generate electricity in remote areas, or to reduce the carbon footprint of their operations. This is especially important for businesses in remote areas that don’t have access to traditional power sources.

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