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All in One Solar Storage System for Home Owners High Voltage For On-Grid and Off-Grid Operation

All in One Solar Storage System for Home Owners High Voltage For On-Grid and Off-Grid Operation

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The all in one solar storage system is a great solution for those looking to reduce their reliance on the traditional energy grid. With its efficient solar panels, built-in battery storage, and easy-to-use monitoring and control system, the all-in-one solar storage system is a reliable and cost-effective way to generate and store renewable energy. The system is easy to install and maintain, making it a great option for homeowners, businesses, and even remote locations. Additionally, the system offers increased security and reliability, as well as the ability to be used in areas with inconsistent power supply. With its comprehensive design, the all in one solar storage system high voltage is an ideal choice for those looking to make their energy usage more efficient and sustainable. Compared with low voltage all in one solar storage system, our high voltage all-in-one solar storage system has more higher conversion efficiency. 


Looking at the follow seven advantages of all in one solar storage system high voltage:



Integrated design, beautiful appearance and scene integration


◆ Maximum output

100% unbalanced output, each phase; Maxi output up to 50% rated power


◆ Maximum connection

Maxi10pcs parallel for on-grid and off-grid operation;


◆ More support

Support storing energy from diesel generator


◆ High-voltage stack

Modules are connected in series without cable connection, and high-voltage platform improves system efficiency


◆ Thermal management

Temperature detection of key parts, cell, power plug-in, etc


◆ Wide temperature operation

The heating function is optional to meet the application scenarios with low temperature and no sense.


Check out the paramater of all in one solar storage system high voltage as follows. This can help you make smart sourcing.


Technical Data (I)


Battery Input Data  
Battery Type Li-lon
Battery Voltage Range (V) 150~700
MaxiCharging Current (A) 37
MaxiDischarging Current (A) 37
Number of battery input 1
Charging Strategy for Li-lon Battery Self-adaption to BMS
PV String Input Data  
Maxi DC Input Power (W) 7800 10400 13000 15600 19500 26000
MaxiDC Input Voltage (V) 1000
Start-up Voltage (V) 150            
Full Load DC Voltage Range (V) 195-850 260-850 325-850 340-850 423-850 500-850
MPPT Range (V) 150-850            
Rated DC Input Voltage (A) 600            
PV Input Current (A) 20+20 26+20 26+26      
MaxiPVIsc(A) 23+23 32+23 32+32      
Noiof MPP Trackers 2            
Noiof Strings per MPP Tracker   1 2+1 2    
AC Output Data  
Rated AC Output and UPS Power (W) 6000 8000 10000 12000 15000 20000
MaxiAC Output Power (W) 6600 8800 11000 13200 16500 22000
AC Output Rated Current (A) 9.1 12.2 15.2 18.2 22.8 30.3
MaxiAC Current (A) 13 18 22 25 30 35
MaxiContinuous AC Pass through (A) 80          
Peak Power (off grid) 1i5 time of rated power, 10S            
Generator input/Smart load 9i1/80/9i1 12./80/12.2 15.2/80/15.2 18.2/80/18.2 22.8/80/22.8 30.3/80/30.3  
/AC couple current (A)  
Power Factor 0i8 leading to 0i8lagging          
Output Frequency and Voltage 50/60Hz; 3L/N/PE 220/380,230/400Vac

50/60Hz; 3L/N/PE 220/380, 230/400Vac

Grid Type Three Phase
DC injection current (mA) <0.5%1n
MaxiEfficiency 97.60%
Euro Efficiency 97.00%
MPPT Efficiency Protection 99.90%
Integrated PV Input Lightning Protection,Anti-islanding Protection,PV String Input Reverse Polarity Protection, Insulation Resistor Detection, Residual Current Monitoring Unit,Output Over Current Protection, Output Shorted Protection, Surge protection
Output Over Voltage Protection Certifications and Standards  DC Type II/AC Type III
Certifications and Standards  
Grid Regulation CEI 0-21, VDE-AR-N 4105, NRS 097, IEC 62116, IEC 61727, 99,  98,  VDE 0126-1-1, RD 1699, C10-11
Safety EMC/Standard IEC/EN 6100-6-1/2/3/4, IEC/EN 62109-1, IEC/EN 62109-2
General Data  
Operating Temperature Range(ºC) Cooling  -40~60ºC, >45ºC derating 
Cooling Smart cooling
Communication with BMS RS485; CAN
Warranty 5 years


Technical Data (II)


Model PR-L
Battery System Data  
Cell Chemistry LiFePO4
Module Energy (kWh) 4.09
Module Nominal Voltage (V) 102.4
Module Capacity (Ah) 40
Battery Module Qty in seriesi(Optional) 2 3 4 5 6
System Nominal Voltage (V) 204.8 307.2 409.6 512 614
System Operating Voltage (V) 179.2~691.2
System Energy (kWh) 8.18 12.27 16.36 20.45 24.57
System Usable Energy (kWh) 7.36 11.04 14.72 18.40 22.11
Charge/Discharge Current (A) 20
WorkingTemperature(ºC) Charge/Discharge: -20~55
Communication Port CAN2.0/RS485
Thermal Management Natural Cooling/Smart Heating
Recommend Depth of Discharge 90%
Cycle Life 25±2ºC, 0.5C/0.5C, 70%EOL 6000
Warranty 10 years
Certification CE/IEC 62619/VDE 2510 - 50/UN3.3
Other Data  
Humidity Altitude (m) 5~85%RH
IP Rating of Enclosure 2000
Noise (dB) IP65
Storage Temperature(ºC) <45 0~35
Dimension (W/D/H,mm) 540*385*1090 540*385*1310 540*385*1530 540*385*1750 540*385*1970
Weight Approximate (kg) 121 153 185 217 249
Installation Location Floor Mount


DC Usable Energy, test conditions: 90% DOD, 0.5C charge & discharge at 25ºC System usable energy may vary due to system configuration parameters


The current is affected by temperature and SOC.


The warranty is due whichever reached first of warranty period or life cycle power.


Five benefits of using high voltage all-in-one solar storage system: 



1. Cost Savings: By using a high voltage all-in-one solar storage system, you can save money on your energy bills. This is because the system helps to reduce the amount of energy you need to purchase from your utility company and thus reduce your energy costs.


2. Increased Energy Efficiency: A high voltage all-in-one solar storage system helps to increase the efficiency of the system and thus provide more energy for your home. This can help you reduce your overall energy costs and increase your savings.


3. Increased Reliability: High voltage storage systems are designed to be more reliable than traditional solar storage systems. This means that your system will be able to provide you with reliable power for your home, even during periods of extreme weather or power outages.


4. Reduced Maintenance: High voltage storage systems are designed to be more efficient and require less maintenance. This can help you save money on maintenance costs and allow you to focus on other aspects of your home.


5. Increased Safety: High voltage storage systems are designed to provide a safer electricity source for your home. They are designed to shut off when they detect any potential dangers, such as a surge in electricity or a short circuit. This can help protect your home and family from any potential electrical accidents.





Is this high voltage all-in-one storage solar system the future of housing?


A recent study by Bloomberg New Energy Finance has shown that in most regions of the world, building and operating new solar photovoltaic (PV) plants is more cost effective than continuing to run coal-fired power plants. This makes the financial incentive to deploy more solar energy even more attractive in India, China and Europe. If governments can recognize this opportunity in a timely manner, they can prevent the release of billions of tones of CO2 into the atmosphere and reduce electricity costs for consumers.


The newest type of lithium battery storage solar system is the high voltage all-in-one storage solar system, which consists of three components: a lithium battery pack, an inverter, and an MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking). It is incredibly simple to set up, as all you need is a solar panel and it's ready to use. Built with a BMS (battery management system) and designed by experienced engineers, this all-in-one storage solar system is as efficient and reliable as any of its competitors. It is commonly used as a home storage system.


Why is high voltage all-in-one Battery Storage Solar System worthy of our choice?


Energy Saving: The intelligent monitoring system is also a great feature of this high voltage all-in-one battery storage solar system. It allows users to monitor their energy consumption and system performance in real time, making sure they are maximizing their energy savings. Additionally, the system can detect any potential issues with the system and alert users of any potential problems, ensuring the highest level of safety. With this level of monitoring, users are able to stay on top of their energy consumption and ensure their system is running at peak efficiency. It is an ideal addition to any modern home or business looking to maximize their energy savings.


Eco-friendly: The high voltage all-in-one battery storage solar system significantly reduces energy costs as it utilizes a high-efficiency MPPT control unit to maximize solar energy conversion into electricity. This advanced technology is not only energy-saving, but also eco-friendly, as it produces no harmful emissions or pollutants. Furthermore, the system is designed to ensure that the user gets the most out of their solar energy, allowing them to save money while helping the environment.


Space-saving: This system is also ideal for areas where there is limited access to grid power. It can provide an economical and reliable energy source for residential and small commercial applications. The highly integrated, high voltage all-in-one battery storage system also offers a number of advantages over traditional grid-based systems, including the ability to store energy for long periods of time, the ability to adjust output power based on demand, and the lack of need for costly maintenance. Additionally, it is also highly efficient, reducing the amount of energy lost in the transfer from the solar panel to the battery. With its robust design and advanced features, the All-in-one Lithium Battery Storage Solar System is the perfect solution for anyone looking for an affordable and reliable way to store energy.


Outstanding cost-efficiency: The high voltage all-in-one battery storage solar system provides a great deal of flexibility. Whether you choose an on-grid or off-grid system, you can easily control the amount of energy that is stored and used. The system is designed to be quickly installed, saving time and money. Moreover, you have the option of selling any excess energy that is produced, allowing you to make a profit from your investment. Overall, the high voltage all-in-one battery storage solar system is an excellent choice for anyone looking to save time, money, and energy.


High safety: LifePO4 batteries are known for their longevity and high energy density. This makes them especially suitable for solar energy storage applications as they can store more power for longer periods of time. Furthermore, the battery's structure is durable and can withstand harsh environmental conditions, making it ideal for outdoor use. Additionally, the battery does not require frequent maintenance, providing a low-cost and low-maintenance energy storage solution. The high voltage all-in-one battery storage solar system is an effective, safe, and affordable option for anyone looking to invest in solar energy storage.


Long cycle life: Over 4000 times, minimal maintenance and operating costs.


Intelligent operation: High voltage all-in-one battery storage solar system is designed to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Equipped with advanced technology, it can automatically adjust the power output according to the user's needs and requirements. It also has built-in safety features that ensure maximum safety and protection of the system. Furthermore, this system can also be integrated with other home appliances, allowing users to enjoy a smarter, more efficient and more comfortable living experience.


Noted: If the instantaneous voltage is too high, it could cause damage to the system components and reduce the battery performance. It is important to ensure that the system is designed to handle the peak voltage to avoid overloading the system. To do this, it is important to use a higher specification component than the maximum approved voltage. This will help protect the system from voltage spikes and reduce the risk of component failure or battery life shortening.


Company Profile and Certificate


Environment Management System Certificate


Environment Management System Certificate

Quality management system certificate

Quality management system certificate


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