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All-in-one Energy Storage Solar System Low Voltage 48V Integrated Hybrid Inverter and Lifepo4 Battery

All-in-one Energy Storage Solar System Low Voltage 48V Integrated Hybrid Inverter and Lifepo4 Battery

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    PowerON R-M5
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    100 pieces. Accept one piece at sample price.
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    Ningbo, Shenzhen, Shanghai
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A low voltage all-in-one energy storage solar system offers a number of advantages over traditional electricity supply, including being more cost-effective, more reliable, and more environmentally friendly. It also provides dependable power even in areas with low sun exposure, and requires minimal maintenance. Additionally, it is designed to last for years, making it a great investment for any home or business.


TMRenergy is a leading manufacturer of renewable energy solutions and provides high quality all-in-one energy storage solar system low voltage 48V. With this system, you can benefit from long-term savings, superior performance, and reliable energy storage. When you wholesale all-in-one energy storage solar system low voltage 48V from TMRenergy, you can enjoy competitive prices, fast delivery, and excellent customer service.


Looking at those six advantages of all-in-one energy storage system:


◆ All-in-one design, integrated 5kW~12kW hybrid inverter and battery.


◆ Comfortable and easy control via App, PC or Touch-Display.


◆ Leading smart application: peak-shaving, smart load, AC couple etc.


◆ Modular lithium iron phosphate battery, capacity of 5kWh~30kWh, scalable and safety.


◆ Flat and stackable design, floor or wall mount, no wiring and extra fixing screws, quick and easy installation.


◆ Fast switching time of 4ms, ensuring your energy security.


Check out the paramater of all-in-one energy storage solar system as follows. This can help you make smart sourcing.


Model PR-M5-5P1-EU PR-M5-6P1-EU PR-M5-8P1-EU PR-M5-8P3-EU PR-M5-10P3-EU PR-M5-12P3-EU
System Specification
Nominal Output Power/UPS Power (W) AC Output Frequency and Voltage 5000 / 5000 6000 / 6000 8000 / 8000 10000 / 10000 12000 / 12000
Grid Type 50/60Hz; L/N/PE 220/230Vac 50/60Hz; 3L/N/PE 220/380, 230/400Vac
Recommended Energy Configuration Maxi Charging/Discharging Current (A) Single Phase Three Phase
Recommended Energy Configuration  5kWh(Mini) 10kWh(Mini) 15kWh(Mini)
Maxi Charging/Discharging Current (A) 120 135 190 210 240
Battery Operating Voltage (V)   43.2 ~ 57.6
Battery Chemistry   LiFePO4
IP Rating of Enclosure   IP65
System Certification    IEC62619,IEC60730,CE,VDE2510-10,CEl 0-21
Warranty  10 years
Inverter Technical Specification
Maxi PV Input Power (W) Maxi PV Input Current (A) Rated PV Input Voltage (Vdc) Start Up DC Voltage (Vdc) MPPT Voltage Range (Vdc) 6500 7800 10400 13000 15600
Maxi PV Short -circuit Current (A) 13+13 26+26 13+13 26+13

Rated PV Input Voltage (Vdc) 

370 (125~500) 550 (160~800)

Start Up DC Voltage (Vdc) 

125 160

MPPT Voltage Range (Vdc)

150-425 200-650

Maxi PV Short -circuit Current (A)

17+17 34+34 17+17 34+17
Noi of MPP Trackers 2
Peak Power (off grid) 2 time of rated power, 10s
Power Factor 0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging
DC injection current (mA) THD<3% (Linear load<1i5%)
Display LCD
Relative Humidity 15% ~ 85% (No Condensing)
Dimension (W x D x H,mm) 720x255x330 720x255x440
Weight (kg) 32 36
Communication with BMS CAN CAN
EMC IEC/EN 61000 6-1/2/3/4
Safety IEC/EN 62109-1,IEC/EN 62109-2
Grid Regulation CEI 0-21,VDE-AR-N 4105,NRS 097,IEC 62116,IEC 61727, 99, 98, VDE 0126 1-1,RD 1699,C10-11
Maxi Efficiency 97.60%
Maxi charging/discharging efficiency 95.50%
Battery Technical Specification
Nominal Voltage 5.12
Battery Module Energy (kWh) 5.12
Scalability Maxi6 systems in parallel(36 pcs), Maxi capacity of 184kWh
Battery Module Dimension 720*255*285(W x D x H,mm)
Battery Base Dimension 720*255*85(W x D x H,mm)
Battery PDU Dimension 720*255*110(W x D x H,mm)
Battery Module Weight (kg)   50kg
Operating Temperature Range Charge: 0~55ºC/ Discharge:-20ºC~+55ºC
Cycle Life 6000 (25ºC±2ºC,0i5C/0i5C,70%EOL)
Battery Module Certification IEC62619, CE,VDE2510-10, CEI 0-21, UN38.3, UL1973, FCC


Model Accessories Parts Description Remark
PR-M5-PDU2 Power Distribute Unit (Standard Configuration) Battery power and communication quickly interface connect with Inverter and LED display system status
PR-M5-Base Battery Base (Standard Configuration) The bottom support seat







                                                                                     Model: PR - M5 - PDU                                                   


                                                                                                  Details:720*255*110 (W*D*H, mm), 13kg








                                                                                            Model: PR-M5-Base               


                                                                                                      Details: 720*255*85 (W x D x H,mm), 10kg  


Six benefits of low voltage all-in-one energy storage solar system:


1. Lower Installation Costs: Low voltage all-in-one energy storage solar systems require less wiring, making installation faster and less expensive.


2. Increased Safety: Low voltage all-in-one energy storage solar systems reduce the risk of electric shock, fire, and other hazardous situations. 


3. Flexible Design: Low voltage all-in-one solar systems are easily scalable, allowing for the addition of components such as batteries, inverters, and other equipment.


4. Improved Efficiency: Low voltage all-in-one solar systems reduce energy losses and increase the efficiency of the system. 


5. Easy Maintenance: Low voltage all-in-one solar systems are easier to maintain since all components are located in one unit. 


6. Longer Lifespan: Low voltage all-in-one solar systems have a longer lifespan than traditional systems, reducing the need for costly repairs and replacements.




What is low voltage all-in-one solar storage system?


Low voltage all-in-one solar storage system is an integrated solar power system that combines solar energy storage and power conversion in a single unit that can be installed without the need for additional infrastructure. This system is typically used for residential applications, and offers a convenient way to store excess solar energy for later use. It includes a solar panel, a battery, an inverter, and a charge controller. It allows solar energy to be used when needed, and stored for future use, reducing the need for electricity from the grid.


What voltage should my solar system be?


The voltage of your solar system will depend on your specific setup and requirements. Typically, off-grid solar systems are designed to run between 24 and 48 volts, while grid-tied systems can use either 12 or 24 volts. You should consult with a solar energy professional to determine the best voltage for your system.


Is 48V solar worth it?


Yes, 48V solar can be worth it depending on your specific needs and budget. The cost of 48V solar systems can vary depending on the components used, but they generally offer more power, efficiency, and cost savings than lower voltage systems. In addition, 48V solar systems can be used to power more complex electrical systems, such as those found in larger homes and businesses.


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Quality management system certificate


Quality management system certificate

Environment Management System Certificate


Environment Management System Certificate




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